Thursday, January 31, 2013

  • - This website is for younger kids probably from preschool to kindergarden. It has games and activities related to their favorite tv shows that are fun and educational.
  • - This website is one of my favorites because I really like national geographic. I am minoring in science so of course I think science is fun. There are games and videos and lots of fun stuff for kids to do. 
  • - Also a favorite because it has games for every subject. I am majoring in social studies and minoring in science and they have games for both of those subjects. 
  • - If a child is having trouble reading or even if they love to read this website brings fun to reading. They also have help with math and different catchy songs that will be helpful for children to remember what they learned.
  • - As I mentioned science is my minor. This website is dedicated to science. It has tons of cool videos in every science topic. I specifically like this site because you can focus on a specific grade level or you can just pick the topic you wish to learn about. 
  • - Time has been a great source even since I was a kid. They have everything from politics, to sports, to things all the way around the world. All of these are important things for kids to learn about. 
  • - Articles, Videos, Quizes, and Games. All about everything. Anything you need to know. This is not just fun for kids but for adults too. 
  • - Another website that has every subject some of which are science, math, english, and social studies. They have videos, games, and information about each subject. 
  • - I remember using this site in elementary school. It was interesting to learn that it still exists. This is perfect for learning geography.
  • - Games aren't the only way to catch kids interest. This website has tons of cool articles and pictures and slideshows that teach things in different ways than kids are used to. 
  • - Another way to have fun learning is by coloring and doing arts and crafts. Fun for all ages and this site has everything. 
  • - Since reading is super important, scholastic is the perfect site to get kids involved. There are games, listen-and-read, activities and more to do on just one website. 

*I could go on and on with this list but these are some of the best sites I found. Enjoy!


  1. You did a good job of providing resources for students!

  2. I really like the layout of your blog! Very original!